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Are you looking to trade smarter within the Cryptocurrency markets with a trading bot?

Hello, and welcome to Hodling Bitcoins. If you new to Crypto or an advanced trader, we highly recommend you sign up to the latest crypto trading bot available. One of the best, simple to use, trading bots on the market today, will change how you trade forever.

3Commas gives you access to a number of tools designed to improve your trading. Ideas, strategies, opinions and analytics are available at absolutely no cost.  Trading signals and indicators are presented in an easy to understand platform model. Designed for newbies who are new to the Crypto space or even if you are an experienced trader.

We understand most investors just don't have the time to trade their Crypto portfolio correctly. The 3Commas trading bot will put you back in control of your trades, understanding risk and how and more importantly, when to trade. The trading bot carries out all the tasks for you.

Crypto exchange sites such as Binance, Coinbase and Kucoin have simple "buy and sell" options. Take your trading to the next level and sign up for free at

"..take bot trading to the next level."


Getting Started

Take your first steps in the world of Crypto trading bots.


Easy to
use tools

Check out 3Commas tools including TradingView signals


Smart Trading

Learn how the "Take Profit" program works.

3Commas trading bot

Bots vs SmartTrade: what’s the difference?


SmartTrade is improved trading terminal. You choose a pair, price type - limit, market or condition, set the volume, adjust Take Profit, Stop Loss, and trailing.
Then you can choose different options: buy with averaging, use split targets or use 3Commas other features. Further

SmartTrade will operate automatically, if the market reaches the necessary point: the order is executed, you get coins. 

Bot Trading:

Bot automates your trade. It opens and closes deals by itself, so you let it choose pairs. You select the exchange, and customize your bot: choose coin, conditions of the beginning of your deal and its volume, averaging methods, TakeProfit, StopLoss, set the maximum number of simultaneously opened deals and other parameters. When market state meets these conditions, the bot reacts by opening or closing deals according to your settings.

How much can the bot earn?

Every user wants to know the answer in order to decide between maintaining the bot and using SmartTrade.

It’s not an easy question to answer. Everything depends on the strategy, trading plan, deposit volume, your experience and market conditions

No one wants to risk time and money, but at the same time missed opportunities are frustrating, so this concern is pretty understandable. 

Join the Telegram Group

3Commas have an extremely active Telegram group with users suggesting new ideas and continually helping new users in the space of bot trading.

Android and iOS app available

With over 800 reviews and a rating of 4.6 as of June 2019 in the Android store, 3Commas is the bot you want in your pocket. Apple users rate 3Commas 4.4

User Blog

3Commas have numerous blog posts which are designed to help the community. You can reply to any of these posts to help or express your opinions. 

3Commas offer a totally free service which is feature packed and has a huge amount of free information (although there are some limits).  Starter packages without any limits and a smart terminal are priced at only $22 per month. We believe there is no other software package that offers better value for money and 3Commas even offer a complete full free trial of the system.

3Commas is a feature packed, crypto trading bot software platform.

"..taking bot trading to the next level."

Chris, June 2019

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You have to start somewhere and we believe the best exchange to start is Coinbase. Coinbase also includes a mobile phone app to track your trades. Click on the link below and receive $10 in Bitcoin for free.

Trade Bitcoin and altcoins at Binance

Trade via Binance exchange

There are numerous exchange websites where trades can be made on Bitcoin along with alternative coins such as NEO and Cardano. We list the most popular exchanges and a full breakdown on how to trade.

Buy the Ledger Direct

Is the Ledger the best offline wallet?

Only keep trading funds on an exchange. keep your main portfolio funds on a Ledger Wallet. Transfer your coins directly to your offline wallet. Buy direct from Ledger store here.